Position type: Quality Assurance Officer

Location: Rwanda

Grade: III

Department/Office: Kigali Special Economic Zone, Rwanda


Salary range: negotiable

Job type: permanent basis

Work performance: factory quantities target

Reporting: Board Executive Director and the board of Director

Reporting period: monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Overview :

New finest traders Ltd (NFT) has been an established company working in packaging with a visionof Triumphing over all layers of woven sack users in Rwanda, Great Lake Region anddig upa Portion for East Africa countries’ sack product.

In this regard, the company mission is to lead sack producer and marketer of sacks for agro-processing manufactures and other business that need woven sack packaging.

The company operates a plant in Kigali Special Economic Zone and has already developed core competencies with production staff by Offering a high quality, branded product whose image is recognizable among consumers;in order to Create a sense of onsumers belonging the factory acquired new technology machines and hereby is hiring quality assurance.




  • Provenexperienceofminimum8yearsinthewoven sacks manufacturing process;
  • Proven creative skills forpreventive production losses;
  • Demonstration ofknowledgeand familiaritywith themixing chemical and non chemical product;
  •    Aprovenrecordofdeliveringat least twowithinknown factory
  • Having bachelor’degree in Manufacturing, bachelor’s in chemistry and/or related field with considerable experience in the field of polymars.



Job purpose

Inspection, Routine and Verification Test

  • Supervise the production operations across all shifts in order to ensure confirmity of the quality of


  • Preompt malfunction by stoping production of sacks in order to correct quality problems
  • Identify and Classify the nonconforming Sacks with unidentified or suspect status product
  • Ensure that documents, which ensure related processes to product quality are operated and

controlled effectively been established and maintained.

  • Make sure that documents and data reviewed are approved for adequacy by authorized

personnel prior to issue modification

  • Identify changes and revision status of sacks specification to prevent unintended sacks wastages
  • Specify and publish the intended inspection requirements to the operators for precaution on

critical components on materials to be used in production of a specific sacks

  • identify and validate the critical production processes and critical working procedure
  • Establish documented routine test and verification test procedures for being used after its


  • Maintain and implement routine test and verification test  correctly in accordance with relevant

specification and standards

  • Check whether inspection and test equipment comply with required inspection and test capacity

and operated correctly according to the operating instructions

  • Establish operating instructions of the inspection and test equipment
  • Check whether inspection and test equipment are calibrated on regular basis be traceable to

national or international standards

  • Document method, acceptance criteria and calibration interval of in-house calibration


  • Present calibration of such equipment to be identified by operator and management personne
  • Maintain calibration records of inspection and test equipment, complete and valid
  • Avail necessary production facility, testing equipment to competent personnel while absent and
  • check necessary environment suitable for manufacturing, testing & inspection and storage


  • Corraborate and interrelate to various personnel involved in inspection and verification of tests
  • Advise on procedures of inspection, verification and periodic verification inspection for

purchased critical components and materials

  • Advise on operator vis a vis critical production processes for appropriate qualification
  • Inspect purchased products to be used in production on its inspection and verify them before
  • being used in production
  • Check whether requirements of routine test and verification test meet the Implementation Rules

for Compulsory Certification


Laboratory and Measurement system analysis


  • Conduct test and measurement system analysis of sacks in collaboration with Production
  • mandated staff and maintained records in order to analyze and measure the variation present in
  • the result of each type of measuring and test equipment system
  • Check whether changes on certified products notified to the certification body for authorization
  • prior to their implementation for being used in the factory
  • Defined the scope of internal laboratory facility including its capability to perform the required
  • inspection, test or calibration services
  • Define the scope of external/commercial independent laboratory facilities to be used for
  • inspection, test or calibration services including its capability to perform the required inspection,
  • test or calibration



Process Control and Inspection

  • Establish and update the procedure for controlling non-conforming products and the contents
  • complied with specified requirement.
  • Put in place and communicate to the line management the strategies, method, segregation,
  • disposal, corrective and preventive action for non-conforming products comply with
  • requirements of procedure
  • Established working instructions for rework and re-repair
  • Re-test the repaired and reworked sacks
  • Control useless sacks or similar as nonconforming product
  • Verify if the documented quality plan or relevant documents for certify a products are in place
  • and filled for back up quality and further control
  • Seek approval of documented procedures defined for the controls, storage, protection and
  • disposal of quality records
  • Advise to the administration the procedures and criteria for selection, evaluation and routine
  • management of supplies with critical components and materials related to be used in the
  • production
  • Verify and inform the line management whether there is any procedures of the critical
  • component, material, construction that may make products not comply with specified
  • requirements with supporting analysis
  • Each shieft is communicated with test and control on sacks
  • (papers) and monitored



Packing, Handling and Storage

  • The finished products packed and marked (including all materials) in such a way as to ensure that

they will continue to comply with the applicable standard

  • Handle the finished sacks properly to prevent them from damage Store the finished sacks in such a way as to ensure that they will comply with the applicable standards
  • In order to determine the demaged sacks in time, assess the condition of sacks in process until reach out the stock at appropriate scheduled intervals
  • Establish a clear stock entry and delivery plan are managed effectively
  • Manage and ensure all deliveries to clients are completed effectively.
  • Fill and sign the delivery sheet of each clients after receiving invoice from the accounting
  • Record all produced items in process from bobbins up to bailed sacks
  • Remeasure and recount sacks one hour before they are delivered to the concerned clients
  • Prepare gate pass and all related clients’ documents for sacks to be delivered prior 1 hour


Computer literature

  •  Use of advanced excel  system
  • Use of programed/programing machines is an advantage
  • Use of internet “emails, online purchasing and selling system” is an add value


4.How to apply

Interested candidates are requested to submitthe application letter addressed to the chairperson of BoD, copies of recentdegree, all profession and recognition certificates, detailed CV describing all upmentioned remarks including 3 current referees.

The applicant will submit their documents not later than 07th Februaly 2020 at 1:00 pm to the bellow address


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">neThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


No hard copy will be submitted. No request of information will be allowed after 08th  February 2020. Fail to follow the instruction in this adds disqualify the applicant.



Done at Kigali,on 16th January 2020






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